Transforming lives one step at a time to build a better community.

FirstHand Aid is a nonprofit organization that seeks to support local community, families and strengthen individuals especially young people through work in the areas of education, vocational training, youth development, faith-based programs, health & nutrition, housing & economic empowerment, recreational sports, mentorship & professional association liasons, reentry programs for inmates, child care, computer training, career opportunities, and technology-based applications.

FirstHand Aid is active for the charitable, social and educational purpose of assisting disenfranchised and disadvantaged, young people and children who are searching for their way in life and struggling against despair, anti-social tendencies and negative influences of many kinds; be they located in the New York area or elsewhere around the world. This organization will identify disadvantaged areas where such young people reside, and carry out outreach activities. This organization will assist young people in developing positive values and finding direction in their lives.

This organization will provide training, recreational sports, inspirational seminars, social activities, material assistance, help in finding education or employment along with any other useful services to these young people, their families and to their surrounding community.